List of References

Projects and Topic
Royal Greenland -  Information on impact of trawling
COSMOS Trawl -  Prospects of trawling in (n.a.)
SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture -  Text and pictures for website
Gemba Seafood Consulting, -  Energy Efficient Fisheries
Deep Water Group, New Zealand -  Risk of catching mammals
Geografforbundet, Denmark -  Article
Research Council for Norway -  Consulting
Fishing News International -  Article
VICUS Dt -  Symposium in Vigo
FORCE, Denmark -  Overtrawling of sub-sea structure
Baltic Sea Regional Advisory Council -  Seminar
DONG E&P, Subsea Tech -  Fishing activities
FAO Fisheries -  Updating Country Profile for Denmark
FAO Fisheries - Training of fishery inspectors in Albania
DanFish 2011, Aalborg Kultur and Congres Centre -  organising mini seminars
DanSea, Thailand - Compiling catch reports
District Court of Hjørring - Infringement of fisheries law
Aquamind - Energy Efficient Fisheries
Somaliland Rehabilitation Development Organisation, fisheries development project

Training staff from:
Royal Danish Navy, fisheries inspection staff
Royal Danish Navy, mine clearing personnel
Norwegian Coast Guard and Norwegian Fisheries Directorate
Notus inc., Canada, Spain
Diamond Fishing, South Africa
NOAA, Pascagoula, USA
Memorial University, New Foundland, Canada
SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture
Austevoll Maritime Fagskole, Norway
Euronete, Oporto, Portugal
van Beelen Industries, Holland
Selstad AS, Norway
Plant and Food, New Zealand
Sea Harvest Corp., South Africa
ILVO, Belgium
Sanford Ltd., New Zealand
University of Tromsø, Norway
Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd., New Zealand
Penwarden Holdings Ltd., New Zealand
Aquamind, Denmark
Det Norske Veritas, Norway
Orion Bv., The Netherlands
Blue Continent Products (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
The Danish Agrifish Agency, Denmark
DanSea Holdings, Bangladesh
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd., New Zealand
Talleys Group Ltd., New Zealand
CEFAS, England UK
Mørenot Fishery AS, Norway
Irwin and Johnson, South Africa
Zvb Kramer bv, Holland
IMARES, Holland
BIM, Ireland
Sea Harvest, South Agrica
Sanford Ltd, New Zealand
DTU Aqua, Denmark